Mirror Reflection Stainless Steel Sculpture foundry

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Mirror Reflection Stainless Steel Sculpture foundry

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About Us
Hua Metal Group is located in Shunyi District, Beijing, the capital of China. It has built a refined processing base of 7000 m2 and an office area of 800 m2. Equipped with professional irregular shaped metal processing equipment, traditional metal molding equipment, as well as the teams of production, engineering & technology, design, sales and installation, Hua Metal holds the synergy of soft and hard strength, 80% of whose employees have titles of senior professional posts or above.
With 15 proprietary technologies, unique craftsmanship, rich experience and constant innovation capability, Hua Metal provides artistic products and services to worldwide customers, such as highly-skilled irregular shaped metal curtain walls, metal art facades, artistic curtain walls, high-end artworks, and customized metal art furniture, etc.
In the future, Hua Metal will enhance the competitiveness and create value for customers with ongoing professional and meticulous services.Mirror Reflection Stainless Steel Sculpture foundry

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Mirror Reflection Stainless Steel Sculpture foundry

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Саб мод обновился до версии The Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project formerly SSMAP v0 7