electric motorized skateboard suppliers

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electric motorized skateboard suppliers

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hoverboard with wheels
This style hoverboard with wheels is similar B1 style,but the desk shape is designed like cock tail at both ends of desk.
1.The feature:
⑴used Canadian maple as desk,the material is high density ,good elasticity no easy to craze and high resistance to impact.
⑵the remote controller is 2.4G wireless radio,it is applied for ergonomics principle design for easy holding.the LED is indicated speed model and electricity quantities of the battery.800MAH li-ion battery is inside and one charge per week.
⑶equipped the separated protective plate of batteries.
⑷adopt proof water design for electric motor, remote control and battery pack
⑸applied 1800W power motor with hall sensor remote wireless controller
2.main parameters
Complete SkateboardNet weight6.8kg
Product size94x20x28cm
Max speed30kmh
DeckMaterial3 layers bamboo 2 layers fiber glass
Battery PackCapacityType8.8Ah
Charge Time1.5h
Rechargeable800 times
Motor PackTypeBrushless direct current
Power1800w motor
WheelMaterialhigh performance PU
Wireless Remote ControllerCapacity800mA
Charge Time90 minutes
3.Why choose us:
⑴ the prototype design: our company use the 3-D printer to develop the prototype; so it is very convenient and rapidly to develop new products.
⑵all of the incoming material must be inspected prior to check-into warehouse
For examples batteries inspection:
⑶all of the assemblies must be processed according to the workmanship instruction; and worker must be trained prior to operating.

5.packing detail and picture

Carton dimension: 96mmx31mmx20mm
⑴ Q:Could your factory provide the sample for checking quality?
A:of course.we can ship the sample for you as your request after payment by expresss company.
⑵Q:Could your factory design and develop new style electric skateboard as our requirement?
A:we are very willing to design and develop the new style electric skateboard, but your company afford some developing charge. and your order quantities would be reach the negotiated quantities ,this developing charge would be refund to vendee.
⑶Q:are there operating guide with the product?
A:yes.there is QUICK START GUIDE in the package for the end user’s learning.ensure use electric skateboard under the safe.
7.Product solution
How to treat the new electric scooter?
Electric scooter is a new form of skateboarding after the traditional skateboard. Electric scooters are very energy efficient, fast charging and long range. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient operation and safer driving. For friends who like life convenient, absolutely is a very suitable choice, add a little fun to life.electric motorized skateboard suppliers
website:http://www.motorlongboard.com/electric- ... kateboard/